"Ukraine need of reform of local government and territorial organization of power not only overdue, it is - vital"

- the chairman of the regional council Vasily Hominets. This is the highest representative body of the head of the land said, welcoming the participants of the seminar on reform implementation. Participating in the event were DeputyMinister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Head of the EU project "Support to Regional Development Policy in Ukraine" Yuriy Tretiak, director of development areas Yuri Hanushchak, RSA chairman Stepan Barna, first deputy chairman of the Regional Council Sergey Tarashevskyy, Deputy bareyou Boberskyi Oleg council, representatives of councils at various levels, media. "Since the current system of administrative-territorial structure is characterized by a high degree of centralization of power in the government line-region-region, village council, it deprived the representative bodies of local opportunities to pursue effective policies for the benefit of man, that provide thunderdyanam quality services available. It is on the main obstacle for effective socio-economic transformation and makes imbalances in the financial sector. In addition, the current system of governance does not meet generally accepted European principles enshrined in the Charter. This decentralization of powersand with strong institutions of local government is the leading form of state organization developed countries, which confirmed its economic advantage over centralized form of state organization (and our neighbors - Poland - a vivid example here). Based on this, the administrative-territorial reform involves formationstion within state media as independent units of local self-government and self-government units providing such a wide range of rights and responsibilities. We well understand that the reform of administrative and territorial division and local government are inextricably linked. Efficiency solve some issues certainly tagsayetsya efficiency in solving other, "- says Basil Hominets. On ensuring the implementation of the new state regional policy in Ukraine and the main task of decentralization and local government reform in Ukraine, including the implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On a voluntary association of local communities informuvAB Vyacheslav bad weather. Instead Yuriy Tretiak told about the system of strategic planning of regional development and conditions of participation of local authorities in the selection of investment programs and projects of regional development. Yuri Hanushchak shared with participants meeting their vision on the main provisions and practical application Methodology of chromozhnyh communities. Representatives of local governments have voiced a number of questions to the speakers expressed their views on reform. In conclusion, the participants summarized on the discussed issues. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council

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