In the Zhytomyr region on day two people fell in intensive care through the bites of serpents

The region has recorded just two cases of people bitten by snakes. The first one occurred April 26 in the village Stashko Ovruchsky area. 50-year-old man, being in the woods, out on the roadside, where he was bitten on the leg and reptiles. &Laquo; & ra coachquo; Ambulance victim was taken to the intensive care unit Ovruch Central Hospital. His condition health ’ i again. The second unpleasant event occurred on the same day 46-year resident of the city Ovruch. Friends vacationing in nature. One of them saw a snake-verdigris and started playing with it – for uat poplatysya and bite the hand. Medica, he was immediately taken to the intensive care unit Ovruch CRH. At this time the victim is already in the therapeutic department hospital. His life and health ’ S outage. Given the above, lifeguards warn people of Zhytomyr region! Snake bite can be very seryozni effects as quickly poison affects the vital systems of the human body: cardiovascular, hematopoietic, nervous. In bitten after half an hour coming General symptoms of poisoning: weakness, headache, vomiting, shortness of breath, dizziness, swelling of tissues appears so. Snakes are common in wetlands, marshes, near overgrowns lakes and ponds in the mountains and deserts. Being nocturnal animals during the day they hide in old stumps in a haystack, under rocks or tree trunks. Therefore, they prefer to avoid touching hands, and use the stick. Should be particularly careful in abandoned quarries of stone ruins of abandoned buildings. Snakes sometimes settledon the ground left by man. In the first minutes after the bite should try to suck the poison out of the wound. Bloody fluid sucked, we must immediately spit. Extraction can not make people who have ulcers in the mouth and sores. Then from scrap materials to the affected limb impose tire and take measures for emergency Mayansportuvannya victim in a medical institution. So listen to the advice of experts and be as careful! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region