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In the Volyn region rescuers are working on preventing fires in ecosystems

April 27 to ensure combating fires in natural ecosystems workers Lutsk city district department together with local businesses Volyn Directorate of Forestry hunting raids conducted to verify compliance populatedtion of fire safety in forests and agricultural lands adjacent to them. Surprise Commission examined recreational areas Piddubtsivskoyi village council, especially on the road from the village Garazdzha, where most like to spend Luciana and the villagers. Rescuers focused on citizens Duty ’ obligatory observancecroup fire safety while on vacation in the woods. Called countryman clean up after themselves resting place on the fringes, Duty ’ sure to put out the fire and do not throw cigarette butts. According to the staff DSNS in dry hot weather in the forest fire could break out even the cigarette butts thrown on the side of the cockpit so on the RightsLa fire safety and remind drivers that passed nearby. UDSNS in Volyn region