Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk examined the repair work in the yards and streets

Contractors are now negotiating the pavement of the streets and surrounding areas. At some sites have launched preparatory work, and the others - come to an end. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk decided to read the hoHome works. For several years, special attention is paid to repair yards. The mayor has repeatedly stressed the need for an integrated approach to these works, so that was not only restored the road surface, but also resulted in a proper state of pavements, outdoor lighting and installed play equipment and sports facilities. Most arrivenkovyh areas not repaired since completed projects. Naturally, during which time they were subjected to destruction and now in poor condition. Today almost completed work in the yard on the avenues of Unification, 13 - Young, 21. Employees Ltd. "Lutsk RMMD" which implements work already put new pavement, vidremongated by sidewalks. Work on repairing walkways leading into the courtyard. There will also be an extra play equipment on the playground. The total estimated cost of repair is local area - 952.0 thousand. UAH. Nicholas Romaniuk, examining court was satisfied with the quality of work. He thanked the greaters Lutsk RMMD work. According to him, there are no claims against them, because those green areas that have been made in previous years, are in good condition and no complaints. Also Nicholas Romaniuk said that members of the city council approved a list of 35 surrounding areas that will repair this year. 15 of them were planning to renovatelast year. However, for some reason could not do it. Repair 15 yards will cost about 11 million and expected to be completed in June. Nicholas Romaniuk said that they would try to make all 35 adjoining areas. According to him, now runs over-budget on new articles are transferred to municipal budgets under the program wherecentralization of power and changes in the budget code. Examined Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and Director of Housing John Kubitskyy and progress in repairing the pavement on the prospect of Unification. Currently, work is under way on the segment from the street to the Palace Gordiyuk special events. The work carried out by the company "Lutskautodor." There will be a modernpavement of the roadway with designated bike route. In addition, asphalt and races held in the yard. Director of the Department of Housing said John Kubitskyy to be installed and signs that signal the presence of cycle tracks and applied the appropriate markings. Ongoing work on the pavement outside Kravchuk. It conalternating-sign milling old coating and started inserting new asphalt. Work continues on the segment from the intersection with the street to street Gordiyuk soldiers-internationalists. The total estimated cost is - 1 194.0 thousand. UAH. Artist Works Ltd. "Lutskautodor." However, some drivers require culture better. Despite established appropriate dorozhni signs they ignore the ban to stay svizhovkladenym asphalt. Spend workers LLC "Lutskautodor" repair and restoration of roads footpaths outside Konyakina. Today the old paint removed, installed new curbs and vystelyly rubble. The next step will be paving. The cost of work is 672 thousand. USD. Neschodavno completed work and arranging of modern pedestrian crossing the street Glushets at the main entrance of recreation park named after Lesya Ukrainian. Director of the Department of Housing John Kubitskyy stressed that there is set artificial speed limiters from the roadway. According to him, the decision on its arrangement was made because of youm, which is very heavy traffic and previous speed limiter permanently destroyed, it had systematically recover. Placing a new pedestrian crossing cost 65 thousand UAH work performed and employees of the company "Brooke Concrete Service". John Kubitskyy stressed that this crosswalk arranged on the streetChernyshevsoho at school 13. The plans - to make these objects Chopin Street (near the Palace of students) and Freedom Avenue (near the school number 4). This was reported in Lutsk City Council