In Ternopil new Market Hall Street Sheptitskiy solve the problem of spontaneous trade

Construction of a new covered market on the street. Sheptitskiy create a comfortable environment for buyers and sellers, as well as solve the problem of spontaneous trade which complain of Ternopil and law enforcement. &Laquo; From the beginning, in the City Council received a lot of callsrnen of ordinary Ternopil, representatives from the police and traffic police to suspend all decisions that City Council gave people the opportunity to trade on the sidewalks on the renovation market, - says head of trade, welfare and consumer protection council Bogdan Yasenovskyy. &Ndash; People complain that they can not go there,drivers – it is impossible to pass, because on the roadway people walk. But with the onset of warm season quicken the movement of vehicles, and from ’ appears more buyers. It's only complicate things. Further comments on the spontaneous trade in sanitary-epidemiological service & raquo ;. PUD, which served the given territories?yu, had enough money to create the necessary conditions for trade. It therefore announced a competition for fundraising. &Laquo; As a utility company, unfortunately, no such funds to make the current market as a competition, found an investor to whom we are grateful for the construction of the modern market complex, which createdall conditions for buyers and sellers, where a veterinary laboratory, toilets, showers & raquo ;, - said director KP « Enterprises Logistics » Oleg scars. Investor at their own expense built modern complex market, where he created all necessary sanitary and fire conditions. Now there is a veterinary laboratory, toiletsIncluding for people with disabilities, shower, built indoor market for trading city ’ meat and milk production unit to sell products that are brought from villages. Also equipped with lifts for passengers and freight elevators for products. And yet in the market space for trade with caravans and parking. &Laquo; Seating for everyone who want to trade in the new market is enough. None of the businesses will be left without jobs because it provides about 120 people to trade in one block, and the other for social commerce is about 100. Another is the place to be for trade with cars - the director John C Market Hallopronyuk. &Ndash; And the price for entrepreneurs on trade will be from 50 to 100 USD. day trade, while they pay 75 USD. & raquo ;. As John adds Sopronyuk currently turned him almost 30 entrepreneurs from Ternopil who want to trade in the new market. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council