Over the weekend in the Ivano-Frankivsk region recorded 13 fires, including 6 - fire of dry grass in the open area

April 25 at 8:50 hours. in Burshtyn Galician region there was a fire in the basement of a four-apartment building on the street Sich Riflemen. Fire destroyed household goods. On fire rescued house. Reasonsand the fire is under investigation. April 25 at 9:15 hours. in Kalush Street Shevchenko floor caught fire on the second floor room of the former defunct printing. The fire damaged the floor area in square meters 2 The very building was saved. The preliminary cause of fire – careless handling of fire unknown person.April 25 at 21:00 h. at a yard ’ eat in the village Nyzhniv Tlumach area on fire outbuildings. The fire destroyed outbuildings and 2 tons of forage. On fire rescued house. The cause of the fire is under investigation. April 25 at 21:22 h. in the village Knyahynychi Rogatyn at a yard flashnula summer kitchen. The fire damaged trees ’ Yani its cover an area of ??2 square meters The preliminary cause of fire – short circuit wiring. 26 April at 23:54 h. in the village Cheremshyna Horodenkivsky area on fire house. The fire damaged the roof of the building housing 1 sq.m. The cause of the claimozhezhi set. From the beginning, in Prykarpattia registered 1027 fires, fire killed 25 residents Management DSNS in