In the Rivne region rescuers honored feat fellow liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy

The whole world celebrates the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. This event changed the course of human evolution and opened a new chapter of world civilization. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in memory forever vkarbuvala ’ Five courage and heroism of thousands of people. They were the first to chest against the elements that caused the explosion of the fourth reactor. Because atomic hell, risking their lives and health, were hundreds of thousands of liquidators: atomic, builders, soldiers, police, medical personnel, and of course, the employees of fire protection. Among the 4 thousand 792's liquidators in Rivne Oblastthose in Chornobyl actively involved and Rivne 83 firefighters. April 26 in the regional center near the city ’ yatnoho sign « victims of the Chernobyl disaster » held a memorial meeting-requiem for the International Day city ’ memory of Chernobyl. On this day, at the city ’ Monument to the Victims of Chernobylaccident in Rovno, honoring the city ’ Five colleagues - liquidators going personnel State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Rivne User Administration, Regional Council, City Hall, and all those who had to liquidate a terrible accident. From rescue area in tribute herom – liquidators were laid at the memorial flowers and a moment of silence honored the memory of those killed in the accident at Chernobyl. However, liquidators – firefighters received from employees DSNS albums « name stars – Chernobyl & raquo ;. In addition, the initiative of Directorate DSNS in Rivne region in the night from 2526 April at 1:23 in the time of the largest man-made disaster in human history, veterans of the liquidators in Rovno, honoring the memory of his colleagues lit icon-lamps at 29 city ’ Monument to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. PG DSNS in Rivne region