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Ivano-Frankivsk region in the mountains travmuvalasya

Careless tourist tourists injured in the mountains, and it's pretty frustrating mountain rescuers. Yesterday at 15:20 h. Four workers Yaremchanskogo rescue department mountain search and rescue of rescue special unit went to the village Mikulichinthe mountain Lisnovy Yaremchanskoy City Council to help 36-year-old residents of Sumy, which in the woods injured right leg. Fortunately, the woman was a friend. To get directly to the scene to rescue the vehicle failed because the road was covered by a snow mountain. So, about a kilometer from noshamy rescuers broke foot. Travmovaniy left tire was given painkillers and was taken to Yaremchanskoy central hospital. As it turned out, the woman closed fracture of the right ankle joint. Management DSNS in