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Sergey Nadal congratulated Ternopil Scouts of the 103 th anniversary of the First Plast Oath

April 25 the oldest and most numerous organization in Ternopil Ukraine celebrated 103-rd anniversary since the drafting of the First Plast Oath. The festivities began with scouts departure main streets of the city. Then, in the Cathedral of Heporochnoho Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Divine Liturgy was held. During the grand opening celebration, held at Theatre Square Ternopil, scout novices made their oath seam. Welcoming scouts Mayor Sergei Ternopil Nadal said that last year, which was probably the most difficult in the modern Ukrainian history, stratumHN showed themselves as warriors – participants of the war in the East, volunteers, volunteers, physicians. &Laquo; the anniversary of Plast – This is another step in the development of an organization that has gained serious credibility and influence in Ukrainian society. Scouts throughout history Plast loyalty oath confirming their actions and their lives. GoneThe year will go down in our memory as a year Gurnyak Victor, who knew and loved a lot of Ternopil, not only scouts - said Sergey Nadal. &Ndash; At the next session Ternopil City Council will appeal to the President of Ukraine with the idea of ??providing plastuns-hero who died in the area ATO, the title of Hero of Ukraine & raquo ;. The head of Ternopil added thatin Ternopil and in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine dignity Revolution began scouts. Scouts remain active in the community. Scouts are an active part of the transformation of the country. &Laquo; On the day of your holiday thank you to all the congregation of Ternopil for your work. For work for the community and not least – for work on themselves. For Plastuny – those who show an example to everyone around constant self-improvement and striving for the best results in cases for which the set & raquo ;, - said Sergey Nadal. During the day near the city ’ Monument to Ivan Franko operated Plast town, showing scenes from Plast. Also Ternopil Scouts organized a charity fair. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council