In Transcarpathia staff Criminal Investigation revealed pohrabunok young woman Beregovsky

operatives took less than an hour to locate and detain 39-year-old robber who attacked at night and took the young woman on her mobile phone. Middle of the night in another part Berehiv police department called the doctor receiving moddilennya local hospital, who said to them medical attention turned 34-year-old berehivchanka. The woman had multiple bruising of the face and knocked out a tooth. According to the victim, a victim of a street robber. Investigative team immediately went to the hospital. The victim told police officers, working from a sellertion of stores in the city. Around 23 o'clock she returned home from work. On the street near the school 5 unidentified man, using force seized her mobile phone. Forward defenseless woman struck numerous blows to the face. When the victim managed to escape, the robber tried to catch up, but stumbled and fell. So the poor woman WAAlos break away from her abuser. The woman recognized by the attacker in his shop where she works. But where he and his name, the victim could not tell. Operatives of the Criminal Investigation have an hour set that is related to the crime before repeatedly convicted of similar offenses 39-year-old resident of the village Batiovo. Pidozryuvanoho detained in the premises of the Coast tuberculosis hospital where he was treated. In detainee seized stolen cell phone that he hid under the bed mattress. - Information on this fact made in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under Part 2 st.186 (Robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - said Acting Chief of Marchehivskoho police department Vladimir Sakalosh - Sanctions Article punishable by imprisonment for a term of 4 to 6 years. The issue regarding a custody detainee. Information Berehiv District Police