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In Zhytomyr police tracked down attacking elderly woman

Moons invaded the home of 75-year-old zvyahelchanky night April 24. The old woman recognized the attackers as they came on the eve of moonshine. Law enforcers quickly tracked down and arrested two robbers. About 4 am to Novograd Volyn Gorotdel police received Mr.ovidomlennya that in a village in the district entered the building known summer resident. At the scene left investigative team. According to the victim's 75-year police found that to her house and broke two young men, beating and threatening her mistress knife cleared 10 thousand mobile TV tuner and other stuff.However grandmother told me that recognized the attackers. Moons came up to her on the eve of moonshine. - Information about the event was included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under part 3 st.187 (robbery, combined with penetration into the room) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. For half an hour during the investigation and search operations staff MilicaAI stopped the car taxi, which, as it turned out during the inspection, there were two passengers for signs similar to wanted - told the head Novograd Volyn MB Internal Affairs Sergei Ryaboshapka. In the review by car police found unequivocal evidence linking passengers to commit robbery - stolen from the house rubbedpilots money and other things. In such circumstances, both were taken to the police Gorotdel. The detained previously convicted people of District 27 and 29 years, admitted his guilt. According to them, hoping to get hold of our means old. Now the new moon announced the suspicion of a serious crime. By law they face from 7 to 12 years uv'yaznennya with confiscation of property. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region