Veteran police Ternopil, Michael chernobylets the forecast: "Our profession - to serve the people"

Although it has been almost two decades since the day when the "peaceful atom" has become a mortal enemy of mankind, Chernobyl wounds on Ukrainian land and in the hearts of liquidators still yatryatsya. The duty of living remember the feat of those cost of their livesI care contributed to the accident at Chernobyl. On service in the Zone recall veteran police, Police Colonel Michael the forecast. - In Chernobyl me, then a policeman patrol, sent to the consolidated detachment of police in May 1987. The management has caused, said - have to go. In the area ofExclusion Mikhail Mikhailovich and his colleagues had to perform the task of preventing the export of nuclear items, prevent arson in the villages from which residents have settled out, inspecting the vehicle that was involved in transporting people and equipment at a nuclear power plant. Being in the Zone, Ternopil law enforcement officers often had vestmentsykuvaty own life. - I remember how just retired from night duty at the checkpoint "Cape Green" on the radio I heard the call for help from colleagues. The policemen who were 12 kilometers away in the village Apachychi, came across a group of unknown persons bezchynstvuvaly in the empty countryside. Together with a friend,who also resigned from night duty, stopped the car, which was traveling in the passing direction, and rushed to the aid of colleagues. At the site revealed that the six attackers, police officers and only two, so we nahodylysya just in time. Although offenders and do physical resistance, we managed without the use of weapons and deliver them to delay a police station.Later it became known that they cut down on poppy abandoned gardens, and also did not disdain the property that people have left. No matter how hard it is, Mikhail always remember instructions mother, to be honest, fair, humane. - You can not write a draft of life, and then fix any errors it or start with a blank pageand, - the police colonel Michael the forecast. - Passing day has not return, so that did not have to do, no matter where fate has thrown you need to remember their duty to others. This is our profession - to serve the people. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region