In Ternopil region continues National Scientific Conference

nationwide scientific conference opened in Ternopil National Pedagogical University April 24. The event is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Andrew Sheptytsky 70th anniversary of the imprisonment of Patriarch Joseph Blind. The organization of conferences packagedys representatives of the Department of Culture, Religions and Nationalities Regional State Administration of Ternopil Regional State Administration. Participated in the discussion scientists Ternopil and other cities of Ukraine and international representatives; clergy edge, authorities region. On behalf of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stephen Barney wished fruitful Roboty and creative successes Conference Director of cultures, religions and nationalities Ternopil Regional Administration Gregory Chergui. He noted that this scientific conference is one of the main events commemorating the year of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, which proclaimed 2015. "We believe that the work of the scientific forum dosignificant contribution to the establishment of Christian unity, will help enrich the spiritual potential of Ukrainians, harmonization of relations between Church and State. Without religious culture of the people can not be realized in full. Of course, we will continue to pursue active cooperation with religious organizations, including representatives of the Greek Katolic Church. One important area of ??our work is to restore religious monuments of cultural land and the popularization of art in churches, "- said Gregory Chergui. Welcomed the participants Archbishop Metropolitan of Ternopil-Zborowski Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Basil Semeniuk. He noted that this year is no coincidence IssueAli within two anniversaries that are important in the history of Ukraine. "We are going through a difficult 2015, which is the history of our country. This year is full of a lot of significant events and changes to the Ukrainian people. These two anniversaries related to the figure, an example of which can shape his worldview conscious citizen and realth Christian - said Bishop. - Andrey Sheptytsky was a giant spirit, called Moses Ukrainian people. He took Ukrainian after two wars and showed how it is possible in spite of all the difficult circumstances not to lose faith in victory. we see that faith was not in vain, and Ukraine survived. Successor of Metropolitan Andrey was our countryman - Patriarch YoSeth blind. His 70 years ago on the orders of Stalin's regime were arrested along with other Greek Catholic bishops in Ukraine and Stanislav. After his release, being in the West, he was a living witness Tsekrvy persecuted in the Soviet Union. He founded many centers of Ukrainian cultural and religious life. I pray that these featurestwo prominent figures rooted in the Ukrainian people and found a worthy successor. " The guest speaker at the conference was Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy. GS Pans National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies Anatoly Kolodniy. He emphasized the need for gathering all the works Sheptitskiy blind for the convenience of conducting research and the importance of upholding the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, whose members took part in the events of the Revolution Square and dignity. The conference is also one of the activities conducted by commemorating the 75th anniversary of Ternopil National Pedagogical University, said Vice-Rector for Research andInternational Cooperation University Bogdan Bujakow. Thus, among the participants presented their research papers and students of the institution. International representative who attended the conference - National Coordinator for Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Italy, the president of the Religious Society of Ukrainian Catholics "Hagia Sophia"(USA) Marco Jaroslav Smehen - noted that the participation of young scientists is an important aspect of such events. He wished the participants to the science remained affixing their faith, and faith has improved academic achievement. The scientific conference will last for two days, during which hold two plenary meetings. Guests will visit Maricomplex "Zarvanytsya" and the museum and memorial Y.Slipoho where the funeral service will be held at the monument patriarch, watching the movie "by a victim of the Patriarch" and the presentation of medals made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of J. Blind. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration