In Khmelnytsky rescuers teach children the basics of life safety in

schools Starokostyantynivschyny are open lessons on the basics of life safety involving rescuers during which workers DSNS interesting and informative talk to students and teachers how to act in case of fire as provide assistance domedychnu poterpilym more. April 23 rescuers Starokostyantynivschyny visited the local Lyceum. For students and staff of the institution firefighters conducted classes and display technology, with support staff worked procedure for evacuation of students from school premises in case of an emergency. During a special savingers acquainted with the specifics of kids firefighters demonstrated in Action Fire and rescue equipment used for the elimination of various emergencies. Also demonstrated protective clothing firefighters, told specifications of special vehicles. In addition, students had the opportunity to wear some protective elements sporyadzhennya rescuers and for a moment imagine ourselves as rescuers. Finally, firefighters wished students success in further education and expressed hope that in the future some of them related ’ ordeal of his life rescue. Starokonstantinovsky PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region