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In Ternopil DSNS workers rescued a man from a well

23rd April at 13:43 at the point called ’ communications 9th State of the Fire and Rescue was reported that in the village of Pushkar Buchatsky district fell into the well 59-year-old local resident. At the scene immediately come to rescue. At that moment a man was in the mine pitat a depth of 5.5 meters, the water reached a height of 1.5 m. Without wasting a minute brawl DSNS using special equipment reached the victim and using rescue rope pulled it out. Exhausted from hypothermia and shock people fainted, so the arrival of medical rescuers provided independently affected domedychnuassistance with the use of resuscitation: had closed cardiac massage and ventilation. In satisfactory condition husband gave employees ambulance to hospital have it to Buchach Central Regional Hospital.