On the internal affairs of Lviv released two inspectors who have received illegal benefits

Two workers received the State 2000 hryvnia for not bringing to justice the driver who allegedly ran a car while intoxicated. Inspectors released by discrediting the rank of police officers. Conducted an internal investigation revealed that on March 26 at the exit from Town towards the city Komarno, inspectors stopped the car and the driver of the car was offered to pass checks for intoxication. The driver abandoned the procedure followed by the inspectors told him about referral to a medical examination in Gorodotckacentral district hospital. On the way to the hospital one of the inspectors suggested citizen "to solve the problem on the spot." Then the driver gave inspectors 2000 hryvnia. The case was assigned an internal investigation. According to the results of two inspectors' for gross violations of the Law of Ukraine "On Police" dyskredyttitle and devel- opment of police officers and extortion undue advantage ", released from the police. Press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Lviv region