Yesterday in Lviv traffic police caught two cases of forgery

Guards Road Lviv found two facts forgery car. One of these cases exposed in Mykolaiv region. There's inspectors stopped at traffic control by car « Mazda & raquo ;. Supervised foreign car 30-year-old local resident. Checkingor documents, police found that the certificate of registration of the car – with obvious signs of forgery. Employees of the State and of ’ yasuvaly that number by car body does not match the data entered into the database traffic police. On the same day in the resort town of Truskavets workers stopped during the State Supervision of Roadpassenger car traffic « Mercedes » a temporary license plate. The driver of the car, 48-year-old local resident, was driving drunk ch ’ yaninnya, so police were relatively offending administrative protocol for Part 1 st.130 CAO. In addition, in the document inspectors found that card etc.o deregistration car fixed date of issue. At present, the matter does it take for. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region