Traffic police officers Volyn provide support for students participating in

external assessment Nearly 60 crew accompanied the State of Volyn bus with children on their way to Lutsk and regional centers to attend to external assessment. The main objective of inspectors in support of school was safe dopravlennyabuses with students to include testing the Volyn region. - The children - a special category of road users, because the State employees to eliminate unpleasant situation on the road, ensuring the safety of children travel to places of testing - said the temporary acting chief of the packment traffic police Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn Oblast Yuri Viskunov. State car reminds drivers, according to p. 3.2 traffic rules, drivers are required to give way to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles with included flashing beacons, and tracked their vehicles. This prohibited Vikonate overtaking. For non-compliance provides for liability of a fine from 510 to 680 UAH., According to ch. 3. 122 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. After completing the test traffic police will ensure smooth and safe return of bus students to schools. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in VaudVolynskyi municipalities area