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Ivano-Frankivsk question the proper condition of protective structures - the control of the authorities and rescuers

April 24 meeting was held under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Governor Sergei Basarab involving employees in DSNS in the area of ??management staff of Emergency Administration and balance-protective civil structures protethat area. According to Acting Deputy Chief In DSNS in Victor Ivanytsky in the territory of Carpathian has 833 civil defense fortifications, of which 163 are state-owned, utilities – 478, 192 privately. As at 31 March 832 checked defenses, including 34- ready, 520 – limited willing and 279 – not ready for use. As the first Deputy Governor Sergei Basarab, this issue – extremely important in view of the situation in the country, so you need to seek out all reserves and opportunities for bringing such facilities until tender. The meeting addressed the issue of readiness of civil defense equipmentprotection that are not ready to shelter people and do not meet the legal acts in case of emergency or in a particular period. Balance-heard, in most they are successful industry, so it's not so much about the financial costs related ’ associated with bringing them to the properstate, and the sense of responsibility and duties ’ communications. Overall performances from meeting requests can be concluded that committed to improving the situation, some of these structures is ready to shelter people and existing staff where necessary. Special attention should be paid unserviceable defenses asand be written off and write-off procedure which is time-consuming, and requires financial costs. Overall, the results of the meeting was composed protocol decision, according to which urged to bring balance-defenses in order. DSNS management in the region.