In the Transcarpathian region prosecutor in court seeking recognition for her child ownership of the property inherited

Mukachivskho District Prosecutor's Office announced a lawsuit in Mukachevo district court in the interests of the minor to the protection of inheritance rights. The Prosecutor Alexander Bratyuk Mukachevo region, protecting property issuesovyh and housing rights of children of privileged categories is under constant control of the prosecutor's office. Therefore, we have stated a claim in the interests of the minor acclaim for her title to real property – house, after all, the mother died in early 2007. In addition, the prosecutor said, the basis for our representation of interestsorphan's court is that the child's guardian does not take steps to registration of title documents for her inherited property, and the girl is a minor and unable to protect their legitimate rights and interests of their own. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region