In Khmelnytsky rescuers spent the day civil defense in school

April 23 Belogorsky rescuers took part in the Civil Protection Day held in the educational sector to them. I.O.Tkachuka. During the event held training evacuation of children and school staff. The rescuers Rose ’ yasnyly students the basicsor rules of conduct during emergency situations of different nature and terms of use primary means of fire. After rescuers invited students to Fire and Rescue unit and held for kids tour, during which demonstrated fire and rescue equipment, gear, equipment and specialProtective suits, which is the armed unit. Also, the children had the opportunity to try on outfit rescuers. Employees DSNS seek to teach students how to act during emergencies of various kinds, that in case of danger they might escape and give someone help. District Belogorsky sector PG DSNS in Hmelnytskiy area