Transcarpathians convicted of sowing and cultivation of cannabis resident of the village of

Kidosh that Beregovo, intended to enrich themselves at the expense of illegal drug business. Instead, appeared in the dock and got 4 years in prison with the appointment of a trial period of two years. Last fall, officers of the Criminal Investigation Berehiv rayviddilu police received operative information that in s.Kidosh one of the residents grows narcotic plants - hemp. During the unauthorized search of the wooden fence fenced plot 42-year-old farmer police found and seized 404 cannabis plants. As subsequently established the police, this man narkoplantatsiyu careAB over six months. In this incident investigator Berehiv District Police opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.310 (illegal cannabis cultivation and seeding) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. After the investigation and examination of the criminal proceedings were directed to the court. At trial the accused admitted guilt. The court found him plato - four years imprisonment. Taking into account the fact that the crime committed people for the first time, the court appointed him a trial period of two years. Information Berehiv District Police