Lutsk rescuers ekzamenuvaly students knowledge on safety

For several months in a row in Volyn ongoing activities of Rose ’ explanations safety that can be useful in conditions close to the military. Rose ’ yasnyuvalna work covers all segments of the population: the working population, local government officials, pedAgoge, students, school children and even pets kindergartens. Staff Management in DSNS in available for all categories of form Rose ’ yasnyuyut procedure when notification of emergencies inform the nearest shelter, and explains in detail how to do, finding explosive devices, and how to handle Mr.Eid time shelling. April 23 rescuers were carried out maintenance work for seventh graders Lutsk specialized school of I-III-depth study of English. During the lesson, the security detail rescuers priority actions outlined in the notification of the emergency and the implementation of evacuation. Students learned about the basicstorage characteristics and zanotuvaly where the nearest shelter. Explaining safety rules students in identifying ammunition, rescuers focused on teenagers main rule – touch Munitions reserved for specialists, pyrotechnics. It ammunition which had long lain in the ground or water, – especially bigt dangerous. Such a rocket or grenade at the slightest touch capable fly away into hundreds of fragments and cause injury or even death. That is why rescuers stressed: found objects can not touch, do not move and do not migrate. In addition, the staff informed DSNS teens about another risk factor: fixed cases where the explosionvkoyu « nashpyhovuyut » everyday items – toys, mobile phones, boxes from under sweets and bottles of alcoholic beverages (by the way, you can mine the pen or even a box of matches). So called children not to touch these items, finding them on the street, in the park or elsewhere. All stages of Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi doand accompanied by multimedia support – seventh graders watched educational videos on the same topic. At the end of the lesson is carefully reviewed and cards, where in a concise and accessible form sets out the rules of safe behavior. Ended lesson mini-exam, during which students demonstrated: an important and useful informatsiyu they learned to « excellent & raquo ;. &Laquo; specialists in their field, rescuers can not only be of interest to children to important information for life, but professionally and competently to submit & raquo ;, – said the teacher bases Health ’ I Smiyan Angela. Rescuers in turn, expressed the wish that obtained duringLesson removing all remaining safety for kids theory. UDSNS in Volyn region