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Vinnytsia region, two men were burned as a result of his own negligence

17 February at 7:50 on the item called ’ communications State Fire and Rescue 33 of town Chechelnik was reported that the district hospital emergency department delivered with residents. Luga, born in 1990, with a diagnosis of « thermal burns of the face and verhnih limbs & raquo ;. How can ’ it turned out, the man was injured when gasoline perelyvav using during this open flames. Man hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the hospital. On the same day at 18:05 Illinetskyi rescue was reported that the district hospital delivered to a local resident, 1991 gtion, diagnosed « thermal burn flame ’ pits face, upper and lower extremities & raquo ;. Burns husband received as a result of careless handling of a blowtorch. The victim was hospitalized in the department of emergency first aid. Rescuers call for citizens to be careful when using open flames, because ofThis may depend on your life and the lives of your loved ones. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region