In Rivne court for three years removed from a doctor the right to occupy certain positions

Rivne City Court convicted 49-year-old physician orthopedic trauma clinic communal establishment Rivne Regional Hospital to obtain undue advantage. In the summer of last year, demanded the doctor mother recruit US $ 300 for the preparationin Epicrisis and conclusions required for exemption from military service in the army of her son. On the "hot" when transferring four thousand, it in the office and detained by UDSBEZ Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region. Investigators have shown the involvement of a physician in the crime. Verdict of the court convicted him and whenvalues ??penalty of a fine in the amount of 20 400 USD for three years and deprived of the right to occupy certain positions. SZEM MIA (based UDSBEZ) MIA Ukraine Rivne region