In the Rivne region rescuers took part in the social mobile office and spent practicing preventive housing sector

21 April in Balahovytskiy Zabolottivskiy and village councils Volodymyrets held visiting reception area « mobile social office & raquo ;. His work whose representatives control paninnya Social Welfare State Administration, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the regional center of employment and workers Volodymyrets district sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region. According to the functional tasks assigned to « mobile social office & raquo ;, was held to inform the population on actingth law and social protection measures, provided Rose ’ explanations on providing housing subsidies, state aid to families with children and more. In the process of mobile office workers Volodymyrets district sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region held a public information and consultation on the implementation of stateavnoyi policy in the field of civil protection of population and territories from emergency situations and prevention, emergency response, fire and industrial safety, injury prevention, etc. outside work. All questions specialists were given satisfactory answers. Special attention was paid citizens Mr.and prevent fires in ecosystems as a dry spring land owners often neglect the rules of fire safety by burning dry vegetation. So landowners stressed the administrative responsibility for unauthorized burning dry vegetation. In addition, rescuers were conducted preventive testing Ms.Balahovytskoyi's light sector and rural councils Zabolottivskoyi Volodymyrets area. Together with the social services was made podvorovi rounds residential sector and roses ’ explanation citizens fire safety, performance in detecting suspicious objects and with the threat of committing a terrorist act and the rules of conduct inaccident at the Rivne NPP. While visiting the houses were given to each host city ’ security of interest, which shows the main causes of fires in the living areas. According to the approved schedule « mobile social office » constantly receives citizens in the community in a particular locality Vladimirtskoho area. This allows you to bring social services to the population, to ensure availability, promotes public awareness, including on civil protection and fire safety. PG DSNS in Rivne region