In Lutsk the roundtable discussed the problems of Chernobyl

According to the program of activities to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, approved by the mayor in the municipal institution "Lutsk center of primary health care" a round table on to study problems of medical support victims thunderAdian. Participating in the discussion were affected by the Chernobyl disaster workers rehabilitation center "Chernobyl" in. about. Head of the Department of Health of the City Council Nikolai Yakymchuk, First Deputy Chairman VRCTMC "Union Chernobyl" Rostislav kitchen boy, head of compensation, rehabilitation, resettlement and housingcitizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster Department of Social Welfare RSA Nikitiuk Lyudmila, a member of the Council of State Administration Vladimir Lishchuk, head of finance socio-economic development and social welfare department of regional state administrations FinanceLes radio Gorbachev, Chief Specialist of the social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl accident the Department of Social Policy of the City Council Irina Malaschytska, chief physician circuit "Lutsk city children's clinic" Oksana Lyeschynska, City Council Valery Bondaruk and deputy chief physician circuit "LTSPMSD" Tatiana Trach.According to the therapist to provide medical assistance to the liquidators of the Chernobyl consequences Valentina Kravchenko, as of 01/04/2015, the registered liquidators is 539 and 114 displaced from the 30-km zone are able to work - 445 people. Make a comprehensive review provides the therapist office with medical care liquidatorsconsequences of the Chernobyl disaster and evacuated from the 30-km zone and advisory department physicians, including an otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, surgeon, oncologist and at shows, cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist. Helping the victims III B category is primary health care centers in the city and clinics generefficient innovation in- frastructure practice - family medicine at his residence. In CP "Lutsk City Children's Clinic" on account of the child is the appropriate category in 2232, of which last year dyspanseryzovano 145. All children with disabilities in 2014 were provided with sanatorium treatment. Rostislav Kukhta voiced problems concerning union. In particular, yshlthe preservation and rehabilitation center for service "Chernobyl. After all, he says, is very convenient to visit a doctor who knows all the problems in this category, but in case there is a downward trend in the post due to a complete transition to the model of family medicine. In addition, he announced the reply to the Union Ministry finansiv on funding and discharge prescriptions this category of citizens, as well as free medical examinations of the necessary instrumentation and laboratory studies. According to him, the state is unable to fund additional "Chernobyl", but it can be done at the expense of local budgets, so soon to the Union address city goalOva and city council members with relevant initiatives. For more information on drugs at discounted prescriptions, the Valery Bondaruk said that to date there is no fixed price declared, so pharmacies under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 07.02.2014, 240 can not let go of medicines for public funds. Present at the round hundredLee raised concerns not only on health but also social security benefits for utilities, which received answers from experts specialized divisions and departments. The questions that need help local or regional authorities, to take control. Health Department of the City Council (724 653) This was reported in LutskCity Council