Ternopil: Memorial Tournament W. Pushkarenko won the players of FC "Kopychyntsi"

In the village Sidorov that Husyatynschyni, the traditional tournament in memory of V. Pushkarenko. The hosts of the competition - the local team "Brovar" - invited to participate in the football team FC battles "Suhodol" and two teams from the city Kopychynets: FC "Kopychyntsi" and "Coach" m. Kopychyntsi. Hespryyatlyvi weather conditions could affect the players demonstrate quality and skillful game - the chairman Gusyatyn District Football Federation V. Budzinskyy. In the fight for third and fourth tournament hosts giving place team FC "Suhodol", which took third place, and the team "Brovar" from the village Sidorov, respectively, became the fourthth. In the fight for second and first fortune was favorable to seniors - Team FC "Kopychyntsi" which also won a victory in the competition. Therefore, the second in command "Coach" m. Kopychyntsi. The organizers of the traditional tournament in memory of V. Pushkarenko were Gusyatyn District utility "DSF" Colossus - Sport for All "and Gusyatyn DistrictFootball Federation. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration