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In Rivne communal property management developed a draft Regulatory Regulatory Project

provides for amendments to the decision of the Executive Committee of 14 November 2000 151 "On Amendments to the Regulation on granting permits and leasehold improvements inalienable public property", with amended from 11.04.2006 91 of 22.12.2008 185 Draft decision involves improving the relationship between local government and business entities in the process of obtaining a permit for the inalienable improvements. This decision will regulate the procedure for obtaining the consent of the lessor to the lessee of inalienable improvements leased communalOn the property. Term receiving suggestions and comments on the draft regulatory act is 1 month from the date of publication design and analysis. Suggestions and comments on the draft regulatory act request submitted in writing by mail to the address: 33028, m. Rivne, str. Cathedral 12a - communal property management executive committee Rivnenskoyi City Council; fax (0362) 26-75-23; Email address: Draft decision Regulatory Impact Analysis This was reported in the Rivne City Council