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In the Rivne region rescuers perfected his skills

on April 21 at the maternity hospital in Dubno occurred tactical special training in fire suppression and rescue work in hospitals. Studies were designed to test the action of medical staff and management of one of the largest in the medical bookmarkadiv in case of an emergency, fire and work out a common procedure for rescue operations. For tactical plan, fire broke out in the case of laboratory and medical school cafeteria, injuring 3 people from among the medical staff. After receiving the alarm messages hospital staff had clearly alertmanagement and employees of the hospital, said fire and rescue service city. To place exercises for two minutes came another guard 5th State Fire and Rescue Directorate of DSNS. Soldiers of the State Service of the National Assembly quickly organized to provide medical assistance to victims, extinguishing the fire in the trunk laboratory disconnection of gas-electricity in buildingsEid overall network. In the second phase training, hospital staff worked evacuation of employees and patients on the street to prevent death and injury from fire. In general, the exercises were involved in 2 units of fire-rescue vehicles and 10 personnel staff. PG DSNS in Rivne region