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Ivano-Frankivsk region for the safety of cyclists and scooter

Thursday, April 23, 2015, 10:57 | 04/23/2015 It is natural that with the warming increases the number of road cyclists, scooter, and therefore increases the number of accidents involving this category of road users and directo committed their fault. To be able to properly navigate the traffic situation and prevent misfortune on roads offer to recall the rules of the road for drivers is that category set out in Section 6 of the SDA Ukraine. Separately, we draw the attention of parents who have minor children! Before you buy a bike or scooter child check ornayut your children traffic rules to children's ride was safe. Indeed, in most cases, parents are responsible for the misfortunes that occur with children on the road as they mostly thought of as a child to provide this type of vehicle, and do not realize that often expose themselves to the danger of children that do not teach and do not check their KNOWLEDGEof the Rules. So we encourage you to use our recommendations and note that this year, more than 10 raids on cyclists in which three people were killed and six - were injured. Requirements for drivers of mopeds and bicycles Move down the road on mopeds allowed to persons under 16 years, on bicycles - 14 years of age. Mopeds andBicycles must be equipped with an audible signal and reflectors: front - white on the sides - orange, rear - red. For motion at nighttime and in conditions of poor visibility on a moped must enable lighting, bicycle - lamp (lamp). Drivers mopeds and bicycles moving groups should go for one ofdnym to avoid disturbing other road users. Column bicycle moving on the roadway shall be divided into groups (up to 10 bikes per group) with distance traffic between groups of 80-100 m. Drivers of scooters and bikes can carry only those goods which do not interfere to drive and not interfere with othersim road users. If the bicycle path crosses the road outside the crossroads, drivers of mopeds and bicycles must give way to other vehicles moving on the road. Drivers mopeds and bicycles are prohibited: a) manage moped or bicycle with defective brakes, alarm, and at nighttime and under Mr.edostatnoyi visibility - the non-inclusion headlight and taillight on a scooter or a bike without reflectors; b) move on highways and roads for cars, and on the roadway when the next cycle track is; c) move on sidewalks and footpaths (except for children up to 7 years in children's bicycles with adult supervision); d) while driving to hold on to another vehicle; g) to ride without holding the steering wheel and remove foot from pedal (foot); e) carry passengers on a bicycle, except for children under 7 years on extra seat fitted securely mounted footboards; e) towing motorcycles and bicycles; g) towing a trailer not providedfor the operation of these vehicles. Service preventive work UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ivano-Frankivsk