Derzhavtoinspektory Transcarpathia teach preschoolers SDA

Young students kindergarten 2 Uzhhorod taught to behave safely on the road. Already a good tradition for police employee Transcarpathia was to study the traffic rules in preschool education. Young preschoolers are the most unpredictableWe road users because this category of children should be given fair consideration. Do children derzhavtoinspektory held in the courtyard of the kindergarten. Over 50 preschoolers were present at the session. First of all kids have shown how to cross the road when there is a pedestrian crossing and traffic lights, as well as in their absence. In particularweight policemen paid to studying the rules of safe cycling, because not all children know how in such a small age they go. Children actively answered questions inspectors and even told poems about road signs. With great enthusiasm photographed at a company car. For a good knowledge of traffic rules laborers have promised more police come and conduct such exercises. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region