In Ternopil region held

land auction in Ternopil region held land auction in Ternopil region will be held on 23 and 24 March. As trade organization - Department Goszemagentstva in Ternopil region - will be implemented on a competitive basis the right to lease land for 12 Ruralkohospodarskoho total area 256.75 hectares. Purpose sites - for agricultural commodity production. Starting the annual fee for the use of these areas is 321.38 thousand. UAH. Contractor land sales set of "Ukrainian land agency". Thus, on March 23 land sales planuyetsya realize the right to lease land for 6, located in the municipality Zboriv, ??Gai-Roztotskoyi, Horodyshche, Perepelnytskoyi, Vovchkivskoyi, Tsebrivskoyi village councils Zborivsky area. On March 24 the auction is expected to pass a 6 rental of land, located in the Zahir'yanskoyi (2 plots), Zaracivil, Kobzarivskoyi, Renivskoyi, Berymivskoyi village councils Zborivsky area. Auctions will be held in Conference Room Zboriv District Council at:. Assembly Street. Khmelnytskoho be. 24. Information about lots indicating the location of the land, its area and cadastral number and start the annual plowingndnoyi board hosted at Goszemagentstva Ukraine in the "Land sales". For more information, wishing to participate in acquiring the right to lease the said land on competition may appeal to the Executive land sales at Ternopil region, m. Ternopil, st. Monastery, b. 44 square meters. 28 mob. Tel. (067) 706-10-85 or department evaluation and land market Goszemagentstva Main Directorate in Ternopil region at m. Ternopil, st. Hrushevskoho be. 8, tel. (0352) 52-69-59. It should be noted that the moratorium on sale of agricultural land for commercial production. However, these sitesmay be available for use on the loan. Administrator agricultural state-owned land (including agricultural commodity production) is Goszemagentstvo in Ukraine and its territorial bodies. The right to use these lands are distributed exclusively via auction, which is defined rosesmeasures annual lease payments for land use. Landholder is party land auction, the highest bid (the winner), to which the results of the auction contract lease. Participant land sales can be a natural or legal person who has filed the necessary land sales performer dockments, paid registration and guarantee fees, registered in the book of registration of participants land sales and according to the law can acquire ownership or use of land, which is exposed on land sales. A person who wants to participate in land sales, no later than three working days prior to their implementation takes Vikonavtsyu land sales, application for participation in land sales and other documents referred to in paragraph seven of Article 137 of the Land Code of Ukraine. Contractor land sales is an entity that is licensed to conduct land auctions and concluded with the organizer of land sales contract on their conduct. This was reported in Ternopilskiy RSA