750 thousand application forms and declarations received subsidies for registration vinnichane

Most consumers utilities Vinnichchine already received application forms for grants and disclosure statements. According to First Deputy Governor Andrew Gyzhko currently distributed in the region more than 750 thousand. Declarations and declarations for residentials subsidies. Blanks were presented mostly with receipts for utilities that have carried the employees of power companies. On the back of each application form for the subsidy is a full list of departments of social protection in Vinnytsia region, their addresses and phone numbers. Also included is a brief guide - how to fill out an application and income statement. Fill them with possibleamostiyno, or if required to do so in the Department of Social Protection, in consultation with a specialist. "In 2015 the state budget for the payment of housing subsidies Vinnitsa region allocated 184.2 mln., Which is 83.6 mln. more than in 2014. Simplified rules for appointment of compensation shall take effect from 1 May. Since then, people will maCOBOL contact of employment and social protection. In general, almost all districts achieved the orders set by the Head of Regional State Administration Valery Koroviya the securing application forms and declarations to all consumers of utility services. But not fulfilled in Chernivtsi and Yampilskomu areas Mohyliv-Podolsk "- Andrew concluded Gyzhko. Meanwhile, First Deputy Governor urged heads of districts and cities of regional importance for 10 days again to hold a press conference for local media on the new mechanism accrual subsidies and provide printing reprimanded materialiv media and personally verify the effectiveness of hotlines and counseling centers. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/