Khmelnytsky: training for deputy directors of centralized library systems for field service children.

In the active development of the information society library facilities for children area as modern information centers adapt their traditional model of a new reality, are included in the modernization process formsand methods of presenting information and extension in the implementation of electronic technologies. In order to improve children's activity area libraries, 21-22 April 2015 Regional Library for Children Taras Shevchenko ONMTsKiM held jointly with another creative laboratory heads of district and central city libraries forChildren Khmelnytsky on "Current Trends care for children. The use of information technology. " In the laboratory participated Hradil VV, Deputy Head of Department - Head of the Department of Culture, nationalities and religions RSA. Valentina analyzed libraries for childrenon the introduction and use of new technologies and outlined the objectives and ways to achieve them in shnih conditions. The classes reveals current trends care for children, the spectrum of computer technologies, defined tasks for information representation libraries on the Internet and their corporate activity. Directorlibraries in trainings and workshops the knowledge technologies Google Drive and use them in the work: creating interactive presentations, virtual exhibitions, blogs, web lessons online profiles and more. The information was