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Last year Vinnichchine by reducing gas consumption managed to save 440 million UAH

Measures aimed at reducing the consumption of natural gas in 2014 yielded results. Last year gas consumption reduced by 119.4 million cubic meters. In monetary terms, this economy has reached 440 million. USD. This was announced by Dr.Directors of the Department of Housing and Municipal Economy, Energy and Infrastructure Governor Anatoliy Vakar. In particular, the population consumed less than 54 million cubic meters, industries - by 31 enterprises CTV - 27 budget - 6.6 million cubic meters. Thus, according to officials at the forefront robotand that is associated with a decrease in energy consumption and population of the public sector. Since 2014 in the field of more active switch over budget institutions from gas to alternative. At the beginning of 2015 transferred 339 of boilers. During the current year it is planned to transfer to an alternative 130boiler public sector. The required volume of investments in 2015 reached 120.0 mln. USD. "In the regional budget for 2015 for these activities will be 11 million. The funds will be used to transfer 10 boiler budgetary institutions in joint ownership of communities in the region. After the planned activities we can achieveNatural gas savings budget institutions and 15 million cubic meters of gas a year. At the new price of gas for budgetary institutions from April 1, 2015 - 9.717 thousand. UAH. 1,000 cubic meters. m. - in terms of money savings will amount to 146 million. USD. a year "- said Anatoly Vakar. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration