Vinnichchine mechanism of preferential loans for the installation of solid fuel boilers used the 108

households According to the Department of Housing and Municipal Economy, Energy and Infrastructure Administration, eighth in April 2015 by the Government, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of reimbursementcitizens on energy efficiency, including the acquisition of "nehazovyh" boilers, insulation of private houses, and so on. Yes, it is proposed to stimulate a wide range of energy efficiency in residential buildings, including: facades, attics and basements; upgrading lighting systems; installation of energy-saving glass; installing thes of thermal energy and water; installation of individual heating units; installation of heat pumps; installation of solar collectors; replacement radiators etc. This program added 3 banks - "Savings Bank", "Ukrgasbank" and "Ukreximbank". The mechanism provides for reimbursement of the loan amount borrowed to purchase enerhoefeeffi- cient equipment and materials in multi and single-family homes in three areas in the following sizes. The first direction - the current mechanism replacement gas boilers. The state compensates 20% of the loan, but not more than 5 thousand. UAH. In Vinnitsa region concessional lending mechanism to establish solid fuel boilers used the108 households $ 1 573.71 thousand. UAH. Another 36 households received loans PAT " Savings " insulation to own houses in the amount of 654 thousand. USD. The second trend - loans to individuals for implementation in single-family homes and apartment blocks of flats. The state compensates 30% of the loan, but not more than 10thousand. UAH. The third area - designed for condominiums and housing co-operatives for the implementation apartment buildings. State compensation is 40% of the loan amount. The government expects parliament enactment of common ownership, which will attach to this program not only houses where created condominiums and cooperatives, but the rest,where residents will elect a trustee who is authorized to involve the costs. There are government 343 million. USD. this program will be divided into three areas: 47.6 million. USD. - Compensation for acquisition "nehazovyh" boilers 198 million. USD. - The reimbursement of funds for insulation of private houses, including the acquisition of materials on the roof, windows, wall insulation and heat meters, 97.9 million. USD. - To compensate for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment and materials condominiums. Implementation of the proposed mechanism will allow: State - each hryvnia invested from the state budget on energy efficiency of the housing sector to attract 3.6 USD. Private lists investments; - The public - to reduce energy consumption in homes to 50%. In 2015, financing activities foreseen due balances received from the European Union under the Financing Agreement "Support implementation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energyher. " This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration