In Vinnitsa region will create a "Business Development Center"

yesterday supported by RSA Department of Regional Economic Development in cooperation with the NGO "Vinnytsia club business" seminar-discussion on "Recent trends in business development." Participation in the seminar leaders of 25 leading companiesVinnichiny in different areas: manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, agriculture. Also at the meeting were invited experts in their respective segments - LLC "Konsaltynhovahrupa" STRATEDZHYK "(Kyiv), PE" Zahidnamarketynhovakompaniya "(Chernivtsi), Center upravlinskyhtehnolohiy" YUVAS "(Vinnitsa). During theWorkshop presented modern algorithms and practical advice on building an autonomous business management systems, new approaches in the development of their businesses. Also touched on issues of improving the stability of the business, how quality sales growth, the importance of staff training, creating a positive image of the company, informationabout opportunities in international markets, the search for business partners, internationally recognized regulations and requirements, and more. The key event of the seminar was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between NGO "Vinnytsia club business", LLC "Consulting Group" STRATEDZHYK "PE" West Marketing Company "and the Center management technologies" YUVAS "withto create in Vinnytsia Oblast Business Development Center. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration