In the US, call ridiculous statements about the presence of US troops in the Donbas

US Department of Defense has denied allegations Moscow, though in eastern Ukraine are American soldiers. It is reported. Such statements are ridiculous attempts to shift the focus of most military involvement in this regionand Ukraine, said Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Leynz. She recalled that Russia continues to supply weapons separatists in eastern Ukraine, educate them and support them in managing troops, thus blatantly violating Liabilities ’ Liabilities Moscow for Minsk arrangements and sovereignty of Ukraine. Earlier on Thursday, April 23, the Ministry of CollOrdonnaz Affairs has reported that Sergei Lavrov expressed concern about the alleged occurrence in the ranks of Ukrainian troops in Donbass American military personnel of « Academie & raquo ;. According to the report, He said US Secretary of State John Kerry in a telephone conversation. Where did this information in postsDisplay of not stated. This Lavrov said that supposedly staying representatives of the company in the Donbas and stay on the ground Javorivskyi in Lviv for the US military joint exercises are, in his view, « Ukraine Minsk violation arrangements & raquo ;. A Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday, April 23, tionrdzhuvalo if the US military taught Ukrainian national guardsmen « assault actions in urban settings » not on the ground Javorivskyi in Lviv, and seems to « directly in a combat zone – near Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Artemivska and Volnovakha & raquo ;. No evidence of this statement a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministrynot cited. Russia, despite ample evidence that quoted in Ukraine and the West continues to argue, though not involved in the actions of the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine and if its troops in the Donbas not, except « & raquo ;. volunteers The presence of the Donbas significant amounts of arms of Moscow « knows nothing & raquo ;. Moscow andalso constantly says abuse Minsk Ukraine agreements, while the world have concluded that these arrangements is constantly violates Russia and separatists supported it, while Kyiv executed and then performs a significant part of them. Recently on Javorivskyi ground in Lviv began teaching in the course instructors are paratroopers armed forcesUS National Guard soldiers are taught. Later they should join as military instructors from the UK and Canada.