Lviv police searching for stolen woman turning

Sentinels possible witnesses to the abduction of marriage, which happened on February 17 st. Khmelnytskoho requested to report any information that will help solve the crime. Yesterday, February 17, 102 received information from eyewitnesses who reported that in LvivB. Khmelnitsky Street, 64 unknown persons in masks, dressed in camouflage, shoving a man and a woman in two different car, then drove in an unknown direction. Subsequently, police officers turned 36-year-old resident Pustomytovsky area, which said that he and his 31-year-old wife in their own cars Nissan ridingB. Khmelnitsky Street. Suddenly they blocked the road two cars, Daewoo and BMW. This is one of those cars collided with his Nissan. According to the victim, the cars when several masked men on their faces, dressed in camouflage uniforms. He pushed in the back seat of your own car, and his wife - in your BMW, then poihaly in an unknown direction. Outdoor Industry attackers pushed the man of Nisan and went on. According to the victim, his wife remained in the BMW intruders. Currently Nissan car rozshukanyy. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 3 st.289 (misappropriation vehicle) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and part 1 of article.146 (Unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Guardians appeal to everyone who has any information that will help establish the circumstances of this crime, as well as the location of stolen women to address the operational line 102. Anonymity is guaranteed. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region