In the Ternopil discussed how to organize the work of defense units

"Cooperation and coordination of civil society in the formation of an integrated security area" - was the topic of the meeting, the oblast state administration with representatives of veterans' organizations and Ternopil. Meetingheld April 22 in Ternopil Oblast State Administration. At the meeting discussed the main directions of the security area, the legal basis of the system security field, forming a common position responsible public opinion on issues of security, political and legal problems of resistance to anti-Ukrainian informativeWar in the context of territorial security and many others. Addressing the audience, Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna said that the need to change the approach to implementation plans mobilization. And an important role in this process is played by representatives of public organizations of the region. "Our task - not simply to makego to the ATO area a number of people - said Stepan Barna. - In fact, in practice, these methods do not give positive results. You can see how the medical examination on the ground. There were times when the whole day of all were deemed unfit for military service. So now our common task - and executive bodies, and Estsevoho government and military commissioners and community activists - to ensure fair and transparent selection process recruits. " According to Stephen Barney, continuing formation in Ternopil defense units. Their members will not be sent to a war zone, their main task - protection, law enforcement in placeYah. It participated in these pens will help residents adapt to the edge of military service and obtain the skill, I am sure Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. "Each of you have experience with people in crisis, it is necessary to explain to people that the war is not only in the area of ??ATO,war throughout the state - Leonid O. appealed to the audience. - There are certain manifestations are particular groups of explosives, men with guns and more. We do not know how long military action, but as you can see, this process is delayed. Therefore, a large number of residents in our region will be mobilized - either now or later. Andparticipate in the defense units - an opportunity to prepare - both morally and psychologically " According to Leonid A., has developed training for defense units. "Our task - to engage in training camps and Vyshkilnyj as many participants - said Leonid Alekseevich. - We worked a format whereby ready to teach the vicinityko 100 people a day. Classes last for 5 days a week, days of training, 1 day domedychna training and 1 day of working on the ground. " Thus, representatives of public land formations together with the authorities discussed the problems faced in the field. Among the key - the legal status of members of defense units. "Unfortunately,and now heads defense units virtually unprotected in the legal field, - the head of the Ternopil regional association of social groups "protection order", Deputy Regional Association of veterans of Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Voronin. - This means that they will not be covered by medical and legal social harantiyamy and this deters many. Even heads of defense units have no legal status, can not get certificates can not create physical infrastructure, provide legal assistance. So to solve this issue in the legal field, drafted regulations to attract fighters defense units to perform withvoyih obov`zkiv public through the formation of public order, which have significant social, legal and other protection. Under current law, as provided through local authorities and local governments for appropriate material base and to finance current expenditure authorized activity of Ojotional public order, fighting crime and protecting citizens. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration