In Vinnytsia police establish the identity of the deceased man

Police turn to public to help identify a man whose body was found April 20 near the village. Stanyshivky Zhytomyr region. The dead body with signs of violent death was found in the forest at a distance of 150 m from the road Glybochitsa-Klitchyn-Stanyshivka. The investigation of criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 115 (Murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Guardians establish the identity of the deceased man and the circumstances of his death. Signs of the deceased: age 25-30 years, height 194 cm, thin constitution, brown eyes, brown hair, cropped available foreheadno receding hairline. The right hand is a scar in the area mizynnoho finger. He was wearing a black sports pants, two sweaters gray vest sports black with the letter R on the left side of the chest, pants checkered gray and black, black socks, sneakers gray Adidas with white inserts on the sides 44 gozmiru. Dear citizens! If you can help identify the deceased, or provide information about the circumstances of his death, contact the Zhytomyr police department by phone: (0412) 407-803, 407-804, (093) 026-26-73, (068) 759-66 -60 or spetsliniyu 102. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region