In Volyn as a result of special operations for the extraction of amber detained 21 people

This was during a briefing the head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Shpig Peter. about 1 am in another part of the District Police Manevychi Ukraine in the Volyn region received a telephone message from an unknown person that forestry masyvi near the village sector, or engaged in illegal mining of raw amber. - At the scene immediately went investigative team and later fighters company "Svitiaz" special police and public security special purpose Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the field - said Peter Shpig. - In the forest police find more than twenty persons,Manevychi area residents Volyn and Rivne city Kuznetskov areas that were dressed in camouflage clothing or work. At the above persons was located two pumps turned on homemade with attached sleeves hoses. On examination of the scene found four svizhoutvorenyh pit depth of about two meters, two tractors, three carss car and a minivan. At the time of arrival of law enforcement officers in a car was empty. Most of the identified persons for their stay in the forest and the availability of water pumps working to give any explanation refused. As a result, police seized six inspection vehicles, two pumps with self-prystosovanym equipment, two canisters capacity of 30 liters, one battery, which was connected headlight for night lighting. Also - about 10 grid podsaki different shapes, one corrugated pipe and a hunting rifle, registered in the prescribed manner. - Seized vehicles and vessels taken to the police station, but all those invitedto give explanations - said Peter Shpig. - Information on the criminal offenses listed in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations by Article 240 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In criminal proceedings are conducted all the necessary priority investigations. Finally, head of the regional police department said: - Policemake every effort to stop illegal mining of amber in the territory of Volyn. Raids involving special forces soldiers now become traditional. Therefore appeal to all citizens requesting report such illegal activities. Our response will be immediate and principal. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region