In the Zhytomyr region rescuers eliminated fire in a building

April 21 at 16:00 at the point called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue part of. Korosten received information about a fire in a wooden household buildings in the village Berestovets. Arriving on the scene, rescue workers found that fire fully engulfed building.Due to the fire fighters DSNS could localize at 16:50, and finally eliminate - 19:45. However, the fire had completely destroyed the building. As later on ’ it turned out, the owner decided to clean his infield grass from last year and sparked a fire. However, due to the burning of rubbish next to the building and the lack of diligent supervision over them,flame ’ I have spread to the roof of the building. Another fire that day, though with less loss, rescuers had to liquidate in. Korosten. Homeowners rough melted in one of the rooms. Feeling smoke, they immediately called the emergency services « 101 » and ran out. According to preliminary data, the fire occurred hoursErez perenakalyuvannya oven. Locate fire at 1:10 and managed to completely eliminate at 02:40, thus saving the building. The fire destroyed only 7 square meters. of trees ’ yanoho overlap. The dead and injured is not. Currently, experts set the final cause of the fire and the amount of loss and salvaged items. In DSNSin Zhytomyr region