In the Lviv region modeling safe behavior of children in various emergencies

The reality today is that in today's world no one is immune from any social upheaval or natural disasters, or from environmental disasters, or from an increase in crime or of economic instability. Unfortunately our mentality ignores withoutthe value of human life, so the challenge is to instill in our children the understanding that the human body – difficult but extremely fragile creatures of nature and themselves, their health ’ I, his life must be able to protect and defend. April 22, 2015 by educational specialists methodical study of regional security zhyttyediyalnosti population the Training Centre and BC MCD Lviv region in cooperation with the Central Library System for Children and Youth of. the city as part of the « Life Safety » thematic meeting was held with pupils n ’ yatyh, sixth and seventh grade SZOSh 44 Shevchenko, for modeling safe behaviorchildren in various emergencies. Methodologists has been developed and demonstrated to the participants of the educational process Presentation « Safe City Lions & raquo ;, which aims to form an idea of ??the actions of children during emergencies, warnings and warning students about the possible emergencies that are characteristic of ourth region. Children talked about the basic rules of safe behavior in various emergency situations, such as during floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attack and the crowd, but special attention was paid to actions for kids alerts « air raid & raquo ;. During the event, there was a lively discussion, the children asked questions and talked about the villageytuatsiyi witnessed by themselves or their friends. Pleased to note that the kids give correct answers to the questions that we have prepared for them in advance, go to the contact and tend to be very well heard. Everyone understands that the experience of childhood largely determines adult life, so important right now, at this stage to teachand their rules of behavior in dangerous situations, because we'll want our children safe, healthy and happy future and all our efforts to protect them from harm and hardship dictated by this.