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Transcarpathia: the Irshavschyni two minors were on trial for stealing fuel

Irshavsk District Court verdict Transcarpathian region two young residents s.Bilky Irshava district sentenced for stealing fuel to two years imprisonment with probation appointment of one year. 44-year-old entrepreneur from thisLa Osiy Irshava district owns two trucks "KAMAZ". Trucks man held on the roadside near his home. And since the fall he began to notice that his fuel trucks disappears. Someone zlyvav his night with tanks. Then set the owner on his home surveillance cameras. One day he arrived extc, parked his truck on the usual place, close the door to lock the car and went into the house. About two in the morning in the courtyard zahavkaly dog. The owner went out into the yard and went to their cars. In the darkness he saw the figure of two boys. Those using plastic tubes poured diesel fuel tanks of cars. Foreheadage began to scream, and the thieves escaped. One victim caught up and another fled the field. On this occasion the owner of vehicles reported to Irshavsk police department. At the scene police left that documented this theft and detained a second thief. Diesel thieves were two 16-year-old pupils from the village of proteins. How to tell teenagersing that evening they asked his friend, so he took them to the nearby village Osiy supposedly the girl. In fact, they are stealing diesel fuel from foreign "KAMAZ". With a screwdriver to open the fuel tank cap and pulled out 20 liters. And then they heard a cry and rushed to escape the host. For vehicles caught one of them and the other managed vtekyou. In this incident Irshavskoye police station was opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). The article provides arrest for a term of three to six months imprisonment for a term of five years, or imprisonment for the same term. After completion of the investigation the case was transferred to the court. Pidsudni sincerely repent and recompense to the victim caused material damage. Choosing the sentence, the court took into account the age of the minors and their positive characteristics of the place of residence and education. So they held a conditional sentence. For stealing fuel teen sentenced to two years imprisonment with a probation period of oneyear. They also apply coercive measures of educational nature. Information Irshavsk District Police