What such payany plastynchaty Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers - is Device for transmitting and sberezhenyya Peak temperature in nyzkotemperaturnuyu Wednesday through ego surface. Payany plastynchaty exchanger solutions for prednaznachen Extended heat pomeschenyy, industry and technology. This type of heat exchanger systems nezamenym tsentralyzovannoho teplosnabzhenyya and javljaetsja prekrasnoy alternatyvoy razbornoho exchanger. Payany plastynchaty exchanger in otlychye from razbornoho, pokazvaet better result in the temperature range, something obespechyvaet moschnuyu Business equipment. Way, If you nuzhen ego on the site is industrial scientific enterprise OPKS the grid: opeks.ua. Constructions such teploobmennykov sostoyt IZ plates of steel, soedynen vakuumnm way. Osnovnm dignity of such equipment Material javljaetsja soldering kotory zamenyaet pad compounds plates. Payane plates and heat exchanger system yzhotovlyayutsya IZ stainless steel for education prochnh channels. For schet toho ripenedHIGH discharges result a working temperature and pressure. Technology tyh teploobmennykov already in sobrannom video vpolnyaetsya with copper Or Nicolas and constructions obespechyvaet Resistance pressure and teploobmen, something pozvoljaet apparatus prodemonstryrovat wide diapazon opportunities. Data on heat exchangers predlahayutsya sovremennom market with Large pitchProduction yatsyey as standard in spetsyalyzyrovannom Or Follow Up, and prymenyaetsya in raznh purposes, capacitors, ohladyteley, paroohladyteley and t. e., as well as in areas raznh: Heating, air conditioning and in industry. This type of heat exchanger obladaet range of advantages: compact constructions, Peak stoykost, and to nadezhnostlhovechnost, ease of installation and t. e. But all veschy How and in this myre dannoe equipment ymeet svoy shortcomings: not podlezhyt repair, cleaning impossible at Razbore, Trebnje Device, as well as sleduet uchest-power and abilities Limit Area Using, oznakomyvshys s parameters and characteristics models of equipment. Payany plastynchatyHeat exchangers javljaetsja tradytsyonnm variants in the process of heat transfer and otlychaetsya The combination qualities, and udobstva dostupnoy tsenovoy polytykoy.

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