In Ternopil Oblast Kremenetskaya Humanities and Pedagogical Academy elected rector of the overwhelming majority of

votes teaching staff and the students entrusted to the high office of Acting Rector Athanasius Lomakovychu. Participation in voting took almost 350 voters. Voting lasted for six hours - from 9.00 to 15.00. ByAccording to first deputy head of the regional council Sergei Tarashevskoho, rector election in municipal institution Regional Council - Kremenets Regional Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy - were fair and democratic. Welcoming the victory of the newly elected Rector Athanasius Lomakovycha Sergey Tarashevskyy, noted: "Elections wireslysya for all European standards - and become an example unbiased race. conducted in accordance with the law "On Higher Education". Thank you for the excellent organization of the electoral process. I am confident that the new manager will justify the confidence of teachers and students and promote the development of science teaching not only the landAnd the whole Ukraine. " Election results rector Kremenetsko Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy Shevchenko This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council