As a result of industrial enterprises in the first quarter region among the regions of Ukraine took 1st place

in January-March 2015 industrial production index was 114.9% of the corresponding period of 2014, while production in March 2015 increased by 10 8% compared to February of this year and by 36.1% more than in March 2014 roment. Among the regions of Ukraine Vinnichchina the results of industrial enterprises for the first quarter of 2015 took 1st place (index of industrial production in Ukraine is 78.6%). In January-March 2015 compared to the same period last year, the volume of production in mining and processing industry increased by 5.9% inmanufacturing increase is 6.3% (by increasing in food (10.9%), mild (17.7%) and chemicals (18.5%) sectors in manufacturing wood products (2.4% ), manufacture of pharmaceutical products (0.9%). However, in the first quarter of this year, the decrease in production observed in areas such as productYour construction products (-19.7%), metal products (-11%) and machinery (-16%). In electricity, gas, steam and conditioned air volume exceeded the level of January-March 2014 to 44.5%. During the reporting period this year produced 1.8356 billion. KW. hours of electricity 1.8 times more than in the previous year. In January-February 2015. regional enterprises sold products (goods and services) to 5.9994 billion. USD. The structure of the volume of industrial production the largest share (71.8%) are in the processing industry, with her 59.4% - production of food products, beverages, 4.0% - production of chemicals and chemical ofduktsii, 3.3% - in the production of wood products, paper, printing and 1.2% - in engineering. Producers and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioned sold 26.4% of production. In volume of sales of mining and processing industry 59.9% held consumer productsshort-term use, 11.7% -products intermediate consumption, 1.3% - capital goods, 0.4% - consumer durables and 26.7% - energy. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration