In Ternopil paid tribute to nationalist Maxim Seagull

April 21, 2015 Members of the Ternopil Oblast Youth NGO " Student Freedom " and Ternopil regional youth NGO " Sokol " paid tribute to the famous activist youth organization " & quot ;, Serbian nationalist with UThou Maxim Chaika, who died because of their political beliefs. At the Theater Square Ternopil lit candles and a moment of silence pom'yanuly patriot. &Quot; Max Seagull - one of the fearless nationalist who was killed because he firmly defended the Ukrainian position. His murder and not disclosed to, and not named killer to justice. 200 more9, the police did not investigate his case and " forgotten " this fact and nothing has changed, killing members of Maidan also disclosed. Maxim Seagull for us will always be a hero who fought for Ukraine, despite the difficult political situation in the country, an example of a man who boldly stood by Ukraine and not afraid to express their viewsin, though his opinion was strongly opposing certain political forces. Always remember our heroes & quot ;, - the chairman of the Ternopil Oblast Youth NGO " Student Freedom " Igor Kostyuk. &Quot; Ukrainian nationalist Maxim Seagull could amount to hundreds of heroes Heaven, because he too was killed bynative state, was killed enemies of the Ukrainian people. It happened at another time and in another place, but the idea he was the same. We can not forget about the people who will always be for us an example, that died for our better future. Heroes do not die! &Quot; - The head of Ternopil regional youth organization " Sokol " Games Boychuk. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "